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A Snapshot of a Grey/Bruce Staycation

While playing some glow in the dark bocce with Wanda and some other friends a few weeks ago, Wanda wondered out loud if a “Backyards of Grey/Bruce” would make a good blog post.  Although I agreed that it would, I also had to admit that I didn’t have a lot of photos of backyards other than our own. 

But as i looked through my iPhone a few days later, I realized I have a lot of photos of the summer that I have not shared.  So, as summer has decided to quickly abandon us, I thought it might be a good time to look back at the summer we had in GreyBruce with these photos.

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A “Do Nothing” Sunday

My apologies for another late blog post.  It’s amazing how quickly summer can get away from you.  One minute you’re celebrating Canada Day, the next you’re getting ready for Summerfolk.  Which around these areas signals the beginning of the end of summer.  For many, Summerfolk is followed by the Fish Tent (at the Salmon Spectacular), then Labour Day – and that’s it.

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The Music of the Sound

Growing up in Owen Sound, I had very little appreciation for its vibrant musical community.   Maybe it was because I was rebelling against my musical family – my father and his two siblings have a long history of music in the area.  My dad and aunt both played in the Salvation Army Band and the Owen Sound city band.  My uncle was a founding member of the Tombstones and plays in many local bands including Sounder and The Bearcats.  But despite this family connection, I ignored the local music scene, grew my mullet long and continued listening to Van Halen on my Walkman.

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1.  Some properties are NOT getting as many offers.

2.  Showings are starting to slow down for some properties.

3.  Some properties are not getting offers on the Offer Date.

  • While others are still getting multiple offers on the offer date
  • If properties are not selling on the offer date, the home is re-listed at its true price with a statement in the comment box, “seller will look at all offers”

4.  Inventory is creeping up overall.

  • Some micro-markets have 4+ months of inventory

5.  Some are not even getting showings. Where did the buyers go?

6.  The price has peaked and come back to a place before the market jumped.




7.  You will have to start doing price reductions.

8.  Expired listings are happening!

  • Some agents are not able to get a price reduction
  • Clients don’t understand where the market is?

9.  The buyers are renegotiating the price at closing.

10.  Buyers waiting to see what happens until September.

  • Buyers are thinking prices are going to keep going down
  • Sellers are thinking prices are coming down so we should wait until they turn around





– R E C E N T   M A R K E T   L I S T I N G S –



1 bathroom
Lot Size – 79′ x 250′
Incredible Georgian Bay views
Across from a parkOffered at $589,900.


✔ 4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Beautiful walk-out
Over an acre
Rural beauty at its finest

Offered at $699,900.



Summer usually invokes visions of fun in the sun at the beach or a lake. But it’s also the perfect time to tackle home improvement projects!From sprucing up the exterior to organizing closets and pantries, there are plenty of easy ways to improve your home this season.

So why is summer an ideal time for these home projects? Because the warmer months are better for projects that require a well-ventilated workspace or outdoor projects for your home’s exterior. And if you love shopping for unique home items, flea markets are in full force during the summer!

All of these projects will require some type of out of pocket costs, but the majority will enhance the overall value of your home, and more importantly your enjoyment and comfort! Whether you plan to sell your house or you want to continue living in it for years to come, maintaining and keeping your home up-to-date is beneficial for everyone.




Believe it or not, the right window treatments can help keep your house cool during those hot summer months. From blackout curtains to motorized roller shades, there are numerous options to choose from when selecting window treatments. Not only can outfitting your home in window shades cut down on dangerous UV light and blinding glare, but it can also improve the overall look and feel of your home.



Sadly, those summer showers often mean backed up gutters for your home. This can lead to a wide array of water damage – not to mention broken gutters. The best way to avoid these issues is by cleaning out your gutters and downspouts at the beginning of the summer. Before scooping out debris from your gutters, make sure you have a sturdy ladder, a bucket and a proper pair of gloves. After the debris has been removed and placed in the bucket, spray the gutters down with a water hose to eliminate any leaves, bugs or dirt left behind.




If it’s too hot to venture outdoors this summer, focus on interior improvements instead. This is an easy and creative way to improve your home – add a gallery wall. Whether it’s family photos, artwork or a mix of both, you can easily create a gallery wall from objects you already own. Get the kiddos involved in this one!



There’s nothing more important in the summertime than a properly running AC unit. So, before temps reach their peak, be sure to hire a reputable HVAC pro to inspect and perform routine maintenance on your unit. Also, given that your AC unit will be running more frequently during the summer months, it’s a good idea to replace your home’s air filters at least once every one to two months. Fortunately, you should be able to find AC filters in most sizes at your local hardware store or online.




There’s no better time to organize pantry shelves and bedroom closets than the summertime. Start by placing all winter clothes and boots in storage. When cleaning out your pantry, go ahead and eliminate any canned items that are no longer needed or expired. Canned goods that haven’t expired can be donated to your local food bank.



Summertime means longer days and more sunlight. To take full advantage of this sunny season, we highly recommend cleaning your windows on the inside and outside. To clean your windows, use either a multipurpose cleaning spray or the window cleaning product Windex, a clean cloth for wiping and paper towels for drying. Clean windows using circular motion with your hands.




Fresh flowers are great to include on a table. Just having this simple piece of art can brighten an entire room (and add a lovely fragrance!) Hit up the local farmers market for fresh, inexpensive flowers and then spend time thoughtfully arranging them.



This is another fun, creative project that you can get the kids involved with. Buy a blank/plain rug, mock up a cool design and outline with painter’s tape, and paint it like a pro. Let the design dry almost completely, remove the tape, and then give it an overnight dry before placing it in any trafficked area.




This could be a project with the best ROI – it’s very inexpensive to purchase new knobs and pulls and yet it can give your kitchen or bathroom an instant make-over!



The summer is a great time to ditch those old ceiling fans and invest in well-constructed fixtures. Not only can a high-quality fan make your home more energy efficient, but it can also improve the overall air circulation within the house.