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Owen Sound’s Walk for the Children

Like everything else during our pandemic, this year’s Canada Day in Owen Sound was not your typical celebration of all things red and white.  The recent discovery of unmarked graves at a number of residential schools across the country had many questioning what exactly we were celebrating.  Although Owen Sound, after making some minor adjustments to the day, went ahead with their fireworks, many felt it was neither the time nor the place.  Instead, my community, like many others across the country decided to mark the day with a “Walk For The Children

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Livin’ In A Birder’s Paradise

Although I don’t consider myself a “birder” by any stretch of the imagination, one of my favourite things about spring returning to the area is the sound of the birds searching the forest behind our house for food, the right mate and the perfect nesting spot.  Throughout the rest of the year we see the usual suspects – the chickadees, nuthatches, finches, and dark-eyed juncos –  at our feeders.

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