Recent Shift in the Market

Currently, this very unique market is known as a Sellers Market, with low inventory and an abundance of buyers, which can sometimes generate multiple offers.  Be very clear why you are selling. Do you have a new home already secured? Are you prepared for a very fast sale? There is an element of risk if your ducks are not in order.

The Pitfalls of overpricing in a Sellers Market

Setting the price for your home is an art and skill that takes a great Real Estate Professional years to hone.  The initial price is key.  Pricing too high (to see what happens) you could risk losing out on a multitude of pent-up buyers. Buyers are looking for a deal, and if they find it they will compete, yes it’s an odd strategy, but believe me it works every time. Selling your home before buying your next home is an excellent strategy.  The most desirable solution is to buy your new home clear of conditions with a longer closing.  This will put you in an excellent bargaining position without the condition of “sale of property”.

The Art of Selling

I am working with you to sell your home, you can feel confident in my ability to prepare all the particulars, staging, editing, cleaning, I am with you 100% of the way.

Why, because I love it. Real estate is the language I speak. I care about my community, my clients, and your home, I want you to walk away thinking this was a great experience. Ideally, I want your journey to end with your home selling quickly and for top dollar.

Thinking about selling? Reach out, I can help.

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