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Night Swimming

Last time, Wanda and I shared some of our favourite swimming holes.  From Hope Bay and Wiarton to Southampton and Sauble Beach to Owen Sound and Leith, this area offers many beautiful spots to cool off in and around the largest body of fresh water on Earth.

But something I forgot to mention is the opportunity for night swimming.  And although this might seem awfully similar to day swimming, there is more to it than that.

Swimming at night is incredibly refreshing during the hot and humid days of summer.  There’s no better way to cool off before bed.

But this isn’t really what I mean by night swimming.  What I enjoy about this area is how there is so much darkness that, under the right conditions, when you enter the water it feels like you are swimming in the stars.

As you probably saw or read about, the comet Neowise has been gracing our night skies for the last few weeks.

I had the pleasure of photographing it over a few different nights from a few different locations.

There is something humbling about seeing a ball of ice hurtling through space 103 million kms away.

And when the comet disappears behind a cloud, you just have to look around a little to see many other fascinating sky objects.  Like the International Space Station.

Even the light from the nearest town (this is Owen Sound) can add drama to the night sky.

On my last night of comet viewing, while standing in a field with two good friends for hours, we saw the comet, the I.S.S., Jupiter and Saturn in opposition, a fiery crescent moon and the Milky Way.

Oh, and we also saw a beautiful sunset and afterglow before the real show started.

And if you are disappointed that Neowise is no longer visible, don’t be.  There is lots more to see, including two meteor showers that are just peaking (click here for more information).  And, of course, the annual Perseid meteor shower has started and will peak mid-August.

So there is still lots more opportunity for some beautiful night swimming.  And be sure to play the R.E.M. song of the same name as you are driving to your favourite night swimming spot.


John Fearnall

Good Noise

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