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Thank You, Mother Earth

Hello and Happy Earth Day!  Although it might seem that I am, once again, late with my post, Wanda and I decided it was best to save it for this important day, especially in light of the isolation we continue to find ourselves in.

Dear Mother Earth,

Thank You.

Thank You for giving us this beautiful world to call home.

Thank you for waking up every year.

Thank You for waking us up this year by taking this time to remind us what we have been missing.

Thank You for returning the colours stronger than ever.  Thank You for cleaning our air and sky so we can see clearly again.

Thank You for encouraging the animals to return to places they once called home with us.

Thank You for encouraging us to see them and respect them.

Thank You for forcing us to see that life was out of balance.

Thank You for reminding us of the importance of good food grown by our own hands.

Thank You for encouraging us to garden again, whether it is in our own backyards, in community gardens or by supporting those who provide food grown in responsible ways.

Thank You for reminding us how strong you are.  We know you will be all right.  And we know that if we also want to be all right, we need to show a little more respect.

Thank You for allowing us to teach our children of your importance.  And reminding us that your future is their future.  And their future is in our hands.

My hope on this Earth Day is that we humans remember that we are all in this together.  You, me,  and all the other species on “Spaceship Earth”.  And that when you eventually help us solve the problem we are currently facing, we remember your importance and not go blindly back from where we came.

Aanii – “I see your light”

John Fearnall

Good Noise

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