Love in the Age of Covid

With Valentine’s Day and Family Day falling on consecutive days this year, it would make sense if this post was about my love for my family.  And don’t get me wrong, I love my family and the life we have created together more than anything.  But since Covid has turned so much of our lives upside-down over the last year, I thought it might be more appropriate for me to share something that Covid has taught me to love – the beautiful hiking opportunities that we are so blessed to have nearby.

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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On You

Chasing the sunset

Apparently, some of the best sunsets in the world happen not too far from us in the beautiful city of Port Elgin/Southampton, Ontario (sorry, I have always thought of them as one city).  And, although I have spent some beautiful evenings there, I think our entire area, in general, has some of the most gorgeous evening skies in the world.  

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