Love in the Age of Covid

With Valentine’s Day and Family Day falling on consecutive days this year, it would make sense if this post was about my love for my family.  And don’t get me wrong, I love my family and the life we have created together more than anything.  But since Covid has turned so much of our lives upside-down over the last year, I thought it might be more appropriate for me to share something that Covid has taught me to love – the beautiful hiking opportunities that we are so blessed to have nearby.

Living 10 minutes north of Owen Sound in Leith, I have discovered and re-discovered many beautiful trails all within walking distance of our place.  Simply heading out our backdoor we are able to walk along Telfer Creek, something that we often do with our old dog, Ozzy, who can’t take the big hikes anymore.

Walking less than a kilometre north, we are able to access the trails that are part of the Hibou Conservation Area.

And if the wind is light, we can walk across the road to Paynter’s Bay, where the wind and water have created some amazing shapes in the sand and ice.

Walking south about the same distance takes us to Ainslie Wood, another beautiful property maintained by the Grey Sauble Conservation Area.

And when we grow tired of our local trails, we can hop in the car and take a short drive to even more beautiful sites.  Not far from Annan is a beautiful snowmobile trail that leads to some very special falls.

On the same road, but closer to highway 26 is a piece of the Bruce Trail that constantly changes.  Sometimes while you are walking like the last time I visited when it was like we were in 3 or 4 different types of forest and weather patterns.

Continuing towards highway 26 on the same road leads to the Clearview trails, which are also part of the Bruce Trail.  A short jaunt off the path leads to the Polish Tree, an amazing piece of history that has survived many harsh winters.

And when we get tired of our usual hikes, we have the option of shaking it up a little with some other activities.  Tobogganing down an isolated section of a neighbour’s field.

Or, when the cloud cover cooperates, a moonlight hike up to a friend’s lookout.

Every time I travel on one of these paths my heart feels full – exactly what we should be feeling on both Valentine’s Day and Family Day.  I hope you, too, take this opportunity to get to know and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Love to all.

John Fearnall

Good Noise

All images are property of John Fearnall/Good Noise

Comments (2)

  • Love your photos. We also feel blest to live where we live especially in Covid times. Thanks for sharing this beautiful acknowledgement of love of nature and so close by.

  • You are blessed to have this kind of activity possible in your back yard.
    Sure reminds me of my ist 12 years of life in Algonquin Park year round!
    One cannot surpass Mother Nature.