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Happy Pride

Pride (In The Name Of Love)

When I was eight years old, I moved to Owen Sound and quickly fell in love with the area.  So much so that 41 years later I am still proud to call it my home.  This past weekend saw that pride grown even more.

Life in Owen Sound in the late 70’s and 80’s was much different than it is now.  In order to play my beloved video games, I had to hop on my bike and head to The Games Room or Wunderlich’s Arcade downtown.  While there, I had my only exposure to Pride (In the name of Love) when someone chose to play the U2 version on the jukebox. 

This past weekend, I returned to downtown Owen Sound, not far from where The Games Room used to be (now the Ginger Press Bookstore) to experience a very different kind of Pride.

Owen Sound hosted its 2nd annual Pride Parade – a beautiful celebration of the many forms of Love.  The parade was a joy to experience.  

And one of my favourite things about the parade is that it was organized by the youth in our community.  A good sign for all of us.

The other thing that gave me great pride was the support that the downtown gave to the parade.  Many windows were decorated with rainbow flags and messages of support.

As I left the parade, I was left feeling even more pride in the name of love.  Because, as the t-shirts said, “Love is Love” after all.

Happy Pride!

John Fearnall
Good Noise

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