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A Warm Welcome

Today, as I stretched out after struggling to come up with a blog topic for this week’s post, there it was, right in front of my eyes.  And on my feet.  My new Advantage Royal Group socks were talking to me.  After Wanda was so kind to welcome me to her team, I thought it was my turn to talk about Wanda and her team’s thoughtfulness and generosity.

A few weeks ago, as I entered my classroom at my other job, I was greeted by a bag of goodies that had been left by Wanda’s son, Mac.  At first, I thought it was something that a student had left behind.  But as I snooped a little, I realized that this was for me, so I had a quick look at the enclosed letter.  Only later did I get to see all the goodies.

That night, at home, I had a chance to look at everything included in the “Move-In Kit”: toilet paper, gloves, duct tape, hand soap and lots of other very helpful items.  Also included was a lovely hand-written card from Wanda thanking me for writing her blog and reminding me to have an awesome day.  

At that moment, I realized how proud I was to be working with such a generous team and with such a thoughtful person. 

The next time we sell our house, I know who I will be calling.

The notepad, pen and colourful elastics also helped me remember to write this post.

Thanks, Wanda and team.

John Fearnall
Good Noise

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