Working together as a Team

By: Kelly Babcock

Working together as a Team

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How To Create A Team
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How To Create A Team

How do you make a good team? Down through the ages, when people have contemplated tasks that require special skills more easily found in a group of people than in a single person, this question has been asked.

And down through the ages, the answers have slowly been compiled. Find people whose strengths are evident, find people whose abilities overlap enough that they can support each other, find people who can work well with others, work well together, put them together and task them with challenges that spark their imaginations, and then put them in situations that ignite their passions.

Seems like a reasonable plan

The Advantage Royal Group has been hand selected for their personal strengths, and for their ability to work together as a team.

They have come together to find support from each other in order to be able to do what they each do best to the best of their abilities.

And now ...

This week as part of their training they're going to do, as a team, something that isn't part of their job. They're going to see just how well they can work together when the job throws them a curve.

And since their normal work is, in essence, community building, they're going to go into their community and work as a team, challenge themselves in an attempt to help the community they live and work in.

The Advantage Royal Group is cooking dinner together.

But it's more than dinner ...

They're going to start by going to National Grocers where they will buy food for forty people.

Then they're going to load that food up and take it to Safe 'N Sound Homeless Initiative where they're going to get hopping in the kitchen.

Now we're cooking

At 10:30 in the morning on Sunday, February the 25th, they'll begin preparing the food.

If a team can work together in a kitchen, they can work together anywhere, and Advantage Royal Group wants to be that good, they want to be that team.

By 12:30 PM lunch will be ready to serve. The team will then be on hand to make sure everyone gets their fill and to put leftovers in containers to be given to those who think they might like to take some food with them after lunch.

The best of plans

And while this is an exercise in learning how best to work together, the Advantage Royal Group is not unaware that doing something for the community they are part of is also a really good thing.

Nor are they oblivious to the fact that they will feel good about this small investment of time in the team's home town.

And lastly, the Advantage Royal Group is well aware that the better off their community is, the better a place it is to live in, so helping their community is the best thing to do, the right thing to do, a good thing to do.



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