We are alive, well and thriving!

By: Wanda Westover

We are alive, well and thriving!

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Downtown Turnaround

*This is an edited version of this post I wrote last spring.

The Mudtown Station Brew Pub (above) on the east harbour of Owen Sound, Ontario, is another step in the right direction for the city's downtown.  Not only is it Owen Sound's only brewery - strange for a city once known as "Corkscrew Town" - but it is one of the first businesses to face our harbour.  This makes me happy as I always admired the beauty of the old CP station, even in its more 'rustic' days (below).

I had a chance in 2012 to get inside and take some photos of the guts of the building (below).  Although it was in need of some serious TLC, I could see its potential. 

I am so glad that someone finally had the courage to take it on.  And I am happy the city supported and encouraged them to turn around.  In all my years in Owen Sound, it always felt like the city turned its back on one of its most beautiful features - the water.    The photo below, taken only a few months ago, is and example of what I am talking about.

This makes sense if you look at our founding industries, but we are long past those days.  So, thank you to Mudtown Station for being one of the first to turn around.  And thank you to the city for supporting this vision.  Let's hope this is only the beginning of the turn around turnaround.

On a connected note - No disrespect meant to the men involved as there are some wonderful ones, but I observed the other day that downtown Owen Sound is going to be saved by women - both as visionaries and supporters.  Mudtown Station can be added to the list. 

So, thank you, ladies.


All images ©John Fearnall/Good Noise Photography