By: Wanda Westover

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Trillium Time

While walking back to the river on this past beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, I noticed one of my favourite flowers preparing to make its short-lived appearance.
We are very fortunate as every spring, shortly after the last of the snow disappears, trilliums pop up everywhere in the woods behind our house.  So many, in fact, that we have nicknamed the path "Trillium Trail".
Over the 20 years that we have lived in Leith, I have photographed many different types of trilliums from many different angles and distances.
I have discovered they will grow anywhere.
And I have even discovered my own secret spot where the trilliums grow like a carpet.  Although, I must admit, even after several tries, I have yet to photograph it in a way that captures its beauty.
Fair warning - If you want to see our Provincial flower up close and personal, you have to be quick.  They are gone almost as quickly as they appear.  But even in their death, there is beauty.
John Fearnall
Good Noise

All images are property of John Fearnall/Good Noise

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