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The View from Here

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By Kelly Babcock ©2017

They say a change is as good as a rest. Well, I don't know who they are (I've heard that they're everywhere), but I can tell you they, are definitely onto something.

We recently found ourselves in a cottage on the southern shore of beautiful Colpoy's Bay. It was quite a change, and we were not resting. We only had a few free days this time, a long weekend to be specific, but we were in the enviable position of moving in to our new cottage.

We had no intention of spending the whole weekend working on the move, but we did want to get a lot of that done as well.

But let me tell you a bit about the cottage we've acquired. It's not just on the shore of Colpoy's Bay, it's also bordered by a little stream that sometimes looks dry, but almost always has water trickling and chuckling noisily under the rocks of its bed. To make matters even better, our cottage is a short pitch from the Wiarton Golf Club. And while that isn't par for the course when you buy any random cottage, every cottage has something in its neighbourhood that it can boast about.

For instance ...

Before we bought our cottage, we looked at quite a few other properties, and each of them had something to recommend it. One that we considered for a while was an eclectic collection of additions. It had a master bedroom that had been the original little cottage. It was connected to the newer, two bedroom cottage by a screened in breezeway that was built later and shared a roof line with the old cottage. In addition to the charm of the building, the beach it was on was a set of wide, naturally formed steps made of flat shelves of limestone, each step being several feet wide and six to eight inches lower in the water than the previous one.

And then there was ...

Another cottage that caught our attention had the appeal of being solidly built, well maintained, and very cottage like. It had plywood floors with lots of mats, and windows on three sides that afforded a view of the lake it was on. It also had more square footage of deck and dock than it had cottage. When you came to that cottage, you came for the outdoors as much as for the shelter of the quaint and solid, built-to-be-rustic cabin.

All in the past ...

But those two, and all the others are the ones we didn't buy. Our cottage is on the shore of Colpoy's Bay. Our future is in and on and beside the blue water that sloshes gently back and forth between the town of Wiarton and the village of Big Bay. Our place to rest and relax, to frolic and recharge, is surrounded by the jewels of Hay and White Cloud and Griffith Islands, bound on the North and South by Cape Croker and Skinner's Bluff.

And it's not just the cottage ...

The attractions are many. We're just a half-hour from Owen Sound and the Saturday morning Farmers' Market there, the oldest continuously operating farmers' market in Ontario. And we're surrounded by access points to the famous Bruce Trail that passes within a mile of our retreat. And there's the town of Wiarton, which boasts its share of quaint small town shops and well established city class amenities, and the General Store at Big Bay, which is a must for home made ice cream.

And when we've run out of energy and it's time to retreat to the comfort of our cottage on the bay shore, There are two welcome views that will always call to us, the one of our cottage coming up ahead on the road that hugs the shore, and that sparkling view of Colpoy's Bay itself, from our own cottage's windows as we sip our coffee and get ready for the next adventure here.

And the view from here looks pretty good.



As many know my daughter Natalie (a.k.a my assistant) has just had a baby boy. Therefore, she is off on maternity leave. She will be popping in here and there and adding her touch to my work some of you may in fact hear from her. In the meantime though, I hope you enjoy the words of my friend and client Kelly. He is a wonderful writer and I am excited to share his words with you. 


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