The Smell of Autumn

By: Kelly Babcock

The Smell of Autumn

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Autumn's Curbside Attractions

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There are very few things I dislike about autumn.

I know, the weather's getting cooler, the trees will soon be bare and there is always going to be snow before the season is over, those things will continue to happen every year. But since we've been warned about that, it's kind of hard for us to be offended by it. It's almost comical to take it personally.

There are things about autumn that make it worth experiencing. I personally love getting to wear sweaters. My favourites are the two homemade ones that I frequently wear from the first autumnal chill 'til the languishing, frigidly inclement days of spring. Sweaters made by someone you love are like the best kind of hug, one that follows you through your day.

Even though it gets progressively cooler, there are always those wonderful October days when you can't help but think that there has been a recall and summer has returned to stay. We know it hasn't come back for good, but we can dream that it has, right?

And the colours ...

Spring's gold green blush and summer's deep green flood of colour are always welcome in their turn, and they bring a sense of peace and contentment that cannot be denied, but the spark of September's changes and the riot of October's pageant are beyond compare here in Grey/Bruce.

The smells of the woods and the markets are so rich that even with your eyes closed to the calendar's page, you can tell what the season is by the spirit and aura of the flavours in the air.

And then there's the homes ...

I love autumn as much for the decorating that people do with their homes. Front doors, verandahs, lawns, and walks, and driveways festooned with bales of hay, gourds, corn stalks, and rust & red ribbons make for pleasant walks and drives through the communities of our counties.

Our neighbourhoods are worth being proud of and those who take that pride to the streets, make it stand out for all passersby, are only manifesting what many of us feel.

Our homes in fall are the hives of activity they should be, they are the centres of harvest and preserving, the headquarters of winter planning and the bastions of shelter they were meant to be, even if much of those things are now done symbolically.

And driving to must see destinations that you've put off far too long can be a treat this time of year, just to see the looks that some places have taken on.

Where to go?

If you're looking for places to go in our area to give you an excuse to see who's done what with their curbside presentation, and you're maybe looking for those smells of autumn at the same time, try taking a drive to one of our many conservation areas and going for a walk there.

Or maybe head to a local fish ladder to see nature at its most determined.

There are many fabulous parks in our area, but if you need a few pointed out, I'm partial to Hibou, and Ainsley wood, and there's no denying the absolute splendour of the way that Harrison Park and Ingles Falls manage to transition from huge tracts of well manicured urban parkland to rugged conservation area and spectacular water falls.

And there's more

Or for spectacular natural rugged beauty, find your way to Bruce's Caves, and remember to keep your eyes on the places you pass through on your way there.

Don't forget to find out when your local farmers' market is, or go to one in another town, all with a view to finding the best of autumn in our wonderful area.

And keep your eyes open for those perfect decorating ideas.
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