The Rainbow Over Grey

By: Kelly Babcock

The Rainbow Over Grey

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While it was worth the wait, the wait was still too long.

And no, I'm not talking about the rain that I know we need, I'm not talking about that kind of rainbow.


Pride of place

This is a rainbow we can all be proud of.

On Sunday, June 10th, 2018, Owen Sound celebrated its first ever Pride Parade.

There were some anxious moments leading up to it. There were questions like, “Would there be protesters?”, “Would there be open animosity?”, “Would anyone show up to be in the parade? Or to watch the parade for that matter?” They all went unanswered, and often unasked, until the 10th.

History teaches us

There have been mistakes made along the way. But often mistakes are clung to, perpetuated without reason. If one admits to being wrong now then one must admit to having been wrong all along. There are those whose conceit will not allow that to happen.

But what we've learned is that the sooner we accept being wrong, the quicker we get on with being right, and the faster our community heals and grows and strengthens.


So ... what happened?

On Sunday, June 10th, 2018, people started gathering at the parade marshalling area and soon realized how many they were, how strong they were. There were floats and banners, flags and fringe, glitter and glamour and glorious colours. 
There was love everywhere.


And then?

Then the parade started down the street, heading south on Main. And they ran into hundreds more people lined up to cheer them on.

Along the sidewalks stood people dressed in more flags and frills and rainbow colours.


This town, this county ...

Everywhere there was a pervasive clamour of positivity, an invasive joy over the declaration of acceptance.

Everywhere there was the message of love and its power.


And then lines blurred ...

We knew there was a party to be attended in a parking lot at the end of the parade route. And we all thought we'd just meander down there when the parade had gone by.

But what happened was this, it became less clear who was a spectator and who was a parader. We saw friends going by who were clearly part of the parade, and then others who might have been, but ...


And then it became clear again ...

Love is to be admired and respected where ever it is found. And to respect love is to be part of a larger group than the gay community or the Christian community or the community of supporters.

When you respect love, when you admire its participants, you became part of the human race.

And that's when we realized that we all belonged in the parade.

And so, we joined in.


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