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Shades of Grey

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Shades of Grey


Where is your home, what do you consider to be your area? Is your neighbourhood just your block? Or is it a few blocks big? Is it your town or your city? Maybe your township or your county?

I know. It depends on where you are when you think about it. And it depends on who you're talking to about it as well.

But I've grown to think of things in a bigger scale, a grander perspective if you will. I've decided that I get to choose my neighbourhood, and the bigger I make it, the richer I am.

I've begun thinking of myself as a resident of Grey County, and I've realized that I've spent a lot of my life roaming around this place, exploring its treasures and inventorying the individual bits of it that make up my wealth.

Such as ...

Now there are places in this county that have no name but that are wonderful treasures. I'm sure that, if you are familiar with Grey County, you know of some of them yourself. There's that place on that road where the trees hang over like a canopy and you feel like you're on your way to someplace enchanting, and at that point, of course you are.

There's that hill on that one gravel road where just as you get to the top of it you can suddenly see for what must be infinity. And that spot in that field where that one lone old apple tree shades the ground and there's a bench there that you wish some day you might have time to just wander over to and spend ten minutes sitting and pondering the perfectly green pasture you'd be in.

And then ...

Then there are the places that have names. Eugenia Falls for example, or any one of the other falls in this county. Inglis' or Jones' or Walter's or Indian or Weaver's Creek, they all offer a place for contemplation. And then there are parks like Harrison and Cedar Hill and Craigleith Provincial and Meaford Memorial.

There are those places that attract you by their uniqueness. Docks like Big Bay's that reach strong arms out into Georgian Bay so that you can stand on solid ground and be as surrounded by the inland sea as certainly as you would be, were you in a boat. Public docks are always an attraction.

The Amphitheatre in Kelso Beach Park where you can go and sit quietly and imagine the rush of emotion that takes place during Summerfolk, or take the stage yourself while no one is looking and view the throngs of imaginary people who would cheer you if you chose to play a concert there.

The Blue Mountains call people all year round to come and see the majesty that the famed Niagara escarpment can provide, as do the bluffs along the shore of Colpoy's Bay.

And speaking of ...

Speaking of those bluffs, one of the easiest things to do is to find your way to Bruce's Caves. The walk in the woods to get there is perfect for an autumn outing, when the leaves are bright, some are falling, and the dampness under the canopy is causing that wonderful dark smell of old earth that calls out to the part of your soul that yearns for peace and says, “Here. It is here. Touch the trees, look through them to the sky, feel the solid rocks and earth beneath you and relax into your walk.”

And if you haven't guessed ...

I love this county, love the community it supports and the people who make it up. I love that it is such a colourful place, with it's winter whites and its summer greens, its spring time gold and its autumnal fire.

I love Grey County in all its shades. Come see for yourself ... you might love it too.

You might even start asking yourself, “Where is my home, what do I consider to be my area? Is my neighbourhood just a block, or is it a few blocks big? Could it be this town, that city, maybe a township? Could it maybe one day be Grey County?

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