New Year, New Start!

By: Nelson Phillips

New Year, New Start!

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Celebrate The New Year

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Wanda Westover - Broker Royal LePage RCR

It's A New Year Time is both linear and cyclical. The years keep passing by, the odometer keeps adding another click as we move forward, 2016, 2017, 2018 ... and yet we keep travelling around the repetitious circle of seasons. I like to tell people that Winter is the surest sign of Spring, there never was a Spring that wasn't ushered in by the chilly cold of the snowy season around here, though in fairness we have had the occasional winter that was mostly spring like. 2012 comes to mind, a year when it was not uncommon to see motorcycles on the streets in February. And in March of that year, the polar bear dip at the Bayshore Community Centre was not a very interesting photo op, people were in the water, but there was no snow or ice around. In fact, the pictures from that year just looked like a day at the beach. One of my friends, when he discovered that we had missed his plunge, simply turned around and went back in. He hadn't even bothered to dry off, let alone go inside to warm up. Come to think about it, I broke out in a sweat just walking there from down town in a tee shirt. Huh. And then ... I'm old enough to remember that Ontario was closed for a week in the 70's and the drifts across the road were taller than I stood. I remember my friend and I walking down the road from my place to his, when confronted with a wall of snow, before going around the shallow end of it, would run like madmen and launch ourselves into it to leave crazy silhouette impressions of ourselves in the face of each drift. What can I say, we were teenagers with a need to amuse ourselves after being off school for quite a few days. Seems to be a lesson here ... I guess what I'm trying to say is that no two years are the same. And they shouldn't be. It would be a sad world if every year was rolled out from exactly the same blueprint. I personally like the snow, but I know lots of people who don't. And while I do like it, I'm not the person to complain if we don't get much, or even any. And if every year was exactly the same, weather wise, it would be even harder for me to remember what happened in which year, and that's already getting to be a task for me as more of those years find their way into my past. But is that a lesson? I guess it isn't really, but if there is a lesson in this observation of times forward movement it might be this: whether snow comes or doesn't, whether the year brings good weather or bad, whether there are struggles or easy times, there is no greater crime than to get through a piece of time and realize that you spent it worrying and working yourself up over incidental things like the weather, and missed the big things that disguise themselves as little things. And those big little things are your family growing up, your friends coming and going, your parents retiring, holidays, school plays, gardens planted together, time spent in quiet conversation with someone you love, dancing, hiking, reading, playing tag, cooking with your spouse, surprising someone with a gift, being present when things go good or bad for others ... things like that. How now? January 1st is just another day really, it only takes one day to get to it from December 31st. So any other day is as good a day to celebrate. But it truly is 2018 now, and in a way the slate has been wiped clean. And that's the impetus behind New Year's resolutions. But if you don't want to be disappointed in yourself, try making some really attainable resolutions, and ones that will benefit you and yours if you manage to fulfill them. This year I resolve to be aware of the love that surrounds me to the best of my ability. I resolve to celebrate my life as much as I am able. I resolve to laugh at myself when I deserve it. I resolve to be happy for mine as well as for my family's sake. Happy New Year, everyone. May this year find you happy and may you find it to be worthy of your happiness.
"And that's the impetus behind New Year's resolutions. But if you don't want to be disappointed in yourself, try making some really attainable resolutions, and ones that will benefit you and yours if you manage to fulfill them."
Happy New Year from my family to yours,


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