Meet John

By: Wanda Westover

Meet John

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Welcome John Fearnall 

The words behind Wanda's weekly blog.

"Cause if you cannot make yourself a good noise tell me what
you're doing here" - 
John Gorka

Maybe it was because I was born in the space between the symbolic peak of the hippie movement, Woodstock, and its end, Altamont, but for as long as I can remember I’ve had a love/hate relationship with pop culture and its media. This relationship has played a significant role in all aspects of my life. I have taught both media production and media literacy courses for many years, I have dabbled in the world of videography and editing, and around 1995 a gift of an SLR camera from my parents started my journey with photography. In 2001, one of my photos – of my daughter, Tyya – won the Toronto Sun photo contest; the prize was a 2-megapixel digital camera. In 2004, I purchased a Digital SLR and started taking my photography a little more seriously. In 2006, after years of encouragement, I shared my art for the first time to many positive comments. Since then, my photography has been featured in art shows and books, promotional campaigns and on living room walls. It has opened doors that I never thought possible including an invitation to photograph the 2010 Vancouver Olympics for the Globe and Mail. I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided.

John Fearnall