Knowing Your Community

By: Kelly Babcock

Knowing Your Community

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Know Your Community 

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If you're thinking about moving to a new community, it's a good idea to visit for a few days, get a feel for the place, look around at options of where you'd like to locate.
But if you're going to do that, you might ask, “Where do I stay?”

And the answer?

There was a time when, if travelling, you'd be able to find a hotel in almost any community.
And many of these hotels offered levels of accommodation from just a room with a shared bathroom down the hall, to full service suites with room service and bellhops to deliver your luggage, and anything else you might need, to your room.
Fast forward to current times and we find things have changed.

How far? How fast?

In recent times travel by car has become so convenient.
It's easy to be in a place for work in the afternoon, then make your way home two hundred or more kilometres away for a restful evening in your own bed.

And the trouble is ...

This has left the hostelry industry in trouble in smaller communities. Some smaller cities have lost bustling high class hotels and found themselves hosting smaller places with fewer amenities.
And small towns that had hotels providing rooms for travellers are now lucky to boast motels on the edge of town.
Little villages that offered boarding houses have found those happy little ad hoc family centres are no longer needed.

No need?

So, is the need no longer there? Well, not exactly. The need is just less frequent.
The travelling salesperson who went from place to place hoping to get enough orders to pay for lodgings and send some money home, now travels faster and farther each day, or does the bulk of that business online.

But wait ...

There is still a need for lodgings. You were just wondering how to get a feel for a community that you were considering moving to.
And is there a solution? Is there ever.
The traveller's world has started to embrace the “bed & breakfast” industry. And from humble beginnings, B&Bs have taken off.

It's a simple concept

If you have a room you aren't using, it could be let out for a small fee and if you offer breakfast, it makes it more attractive.
And for our purposes, this is perfect. It offers the chance to embed yourself in the community you are scrutinizing, and meet people, including your hosts.


The insight your hosts provide into their community will help you immensely. Hints on if you want to live in the particular community, or where might be forthcoming.
And now-a-days, finding those places to stay has become as simple as online shopping.

Bed And Breakfast online

Airbnb helps you find those accommodations, and they help you get a taste of the community you're considering.
In fact, their slogan is, “Book unique homes and experience a city like a local.”
And don't let that “city” word scare you, they list accommodations in small towns and rural areas as well.

And speaking of local ...

There are storefronts and bunkies, estate houses and cull-de-sac sanctuaries available on Airbnb. There are waterfront lodgings, rooms on the Bruce trail, farm life and art experiences.
And did you know that there's a tree house available for rent in Hanover?
So while you're online looking at the real estate listings available in the area you're pondering as your new locale, why not check out the availability of accommodations at the same time.

Double your investment

You may not only find a way of pre-experiencing your next community, you might even find a way to turn your new property into a second income.
If you get nothing else from perusing the Airbnb listings, you'll at least know where to board extra guests when you buy that dream home.
And let's face it, sending the in-laws to stay in a tree house has an appealing sound to it, am I right?

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