There's Nothing To Do!

By: Kelly Babcock

There's Nothing To Do!

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There's Nothing To Do!

The Kids are right. I mean, they're annoying, and they're wrong. There are lots of things for them to do. They can ... go play outside, or clean their rooms, or read a book or watch TV or snapchat their twittering facebooks or whatever.

That still doesn't help us. We live in a time and place where there is truly nothing to do.

We could go to the movies or out for dinner I suppose, in fact, we could do dinner and a movie.

And now that I think of it, there are movies that pop up in various places, like the museum and the library and even in the park in the summer sometimes, so it isn't just the theatre, though that is available.

And I also have to admit that there is a plethora of perfectly acceptable places to eat around here, some of them I haven't even tried yet.


But that's just dinner and a movie ...

Other than that, there's nothing to do in this area. Other than the OHL hockey, we have no sports. Well, I guess we have lacrosse happening here in season. And I realize that we have other hockey teams as well. Oh, and soccer, we have a soccer team that plays.

And if I'm being honest, we do have a few scattered sports that we can participate in and not just watch. Let's see, there's the masters swim team, and I know there's baseball and badminton and volleyball. I'm aware of the rowing team, and then there's the dragon boat club. I know that people can play darts and pool and there's even a frisbee club and lawn bowling.

I'm probably missing some things as well, I don't get out much.

But really, once you've dined out, gone to a movie, and maybe watched a game or even participated in some activity, what are you going to do next?



All right, I suppose you could take in a live show. I don't know where though. Oh, right, there's the Roxy Theatre, they have shows on. And there are theatres in other towns close by.

Oh, and hey, there's a couple of venues for music. Let's see, there's the Harmony Centre. And there's Heartwood Concert Hall. There's Massie Hall in Massie, and the Desboro Music Hall, I've been there. And the Legion has stuff on all the time. Meaford Hall, The Gayety Theatre in Collingwood, there's quite a few places now that I think about it.


But those are all bigger spots.

That's true. If you're looking for something quiet or low key to entertain yourself with, there's not that much going on. I mean if you wanted to go to some intimate musical entertainment, there's usually no more than one or two shows on any given evening of the weekend and not more than two to six through the week itself.

And then there's the odd open mic every week in some of the cafés in town, and they also have small shows for artists both local and travelling on random evenings. And yes, there are some people who host events in their homes, house or cottage concerts.

And I guess to be really fair, I should mention the big festival, Summerfolk, that happens every year. And we often have other big events, Rib Fest happens, right? Harbour Fest. The Hottest Street Sale. That Salmon Spectacular fishing derby thing, that's good whether you fish or not, live entertainment and food and such.

Anything else?


Well, I should also mention all the fall fairs, and Christmas shows and concerts, all the church socials that occur, the symphony, the two huge choirs here in town and the shows they do, and the random pop up events that happen just because.

But seriously, other than these few hundred things, and maybe a couple others I forgot to mention ... there's really nothing to do.
I'd write more about how little there is to do, but right now, I got a thing I have to do.


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