Home for the holidays

By: Kelly Babcock

Home for the holidays

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Home for the Holidays


In dealing with home real estate it becomes increasingly apparent just how important home is to people. It's not called an institution for nothing.

Home is where we are supposed to feel safe, comfortable, surrounded by love. And it is, therefore, no wonder people spend much time and go to some expense to find and appoint their dwellings to represent themselves and their characters.

And at no time of the year is this more apparent than during the holiday season. Decorations are often pressed into service with wild and joyous abandon, making homes and businesses glitter and shine like they're trying to be part of the landing lights on a runway for deer pulled flying sleighs, and that's maybe not a bad idea.

Two things I find interesting are the amount of time spent by many in reminiscing about “the old place,” and the amount of miles many people are willing to travel to get to “the old place.” These things are very telling of our affinity for home at this time of year.

And why not?

Home is the one single word that we use to define so many concepts that we consider to be good. It is love, it is sanctuary, it is the base from which we conduct our lives, it is the institution that we find comfort in when our day is done and even when our days of labour have been ended. Home is where we want our family to feel safe and where we want our friends to feel welcome.

Home, in short, is nothing less than the largest part of our life. It is the manifestation of ourselves in bricks and mortar, and also in character and culture and comfort.

This year ...

We went to the trouble of decorating the tree in our front yard, and we hoped it would look good. We were pleasantly surprised and pleased to find that it did, in fact, turn out okay.

But nothing prepared us for that first time that we came home after dark and saw that forty foot tower of warm white light at the end of our street. It was breathtaking, it was magnificent, and it was our home.

And if you've decorated your home, I imagine you got the same feeling the first time you surprised yourself by coming home to see it lit in the dark. At least I hope you got that feeling, 'cause it was awesome.

The thing is ...

What I'm saying isn't that we did such a great job, what I'm saying is that the things that make you think of home are often the best things in life. They're often inexpensive (I won't tell you how many times we went back to the store for more lights), usually fun to do, and always worth it.

And the reason for that can be summed up in one word. A word that means love and hope, happiness and shelter, warmth, comfort, memories, safety, joy ...

Have a happy season, and if you're not there yet, we hope you find your way home soon. It is, after all, what we love helping people do.


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