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5 Tips for Downsizing 

August 30, 2017

But it has been passed down for years...

We have all been there someone in the family has decided to declutter or downsize their home. You get the call, "remember that table that my grandparents had who then passed it down to my parents who gave it to me.  Well now it is finally yours! When should we drop it off?" 

Now you are stuck with not only the guilt of accepting a piece of furniture you may or may not have room for but you also have the responsibility to keep that piece in good condition to pass on to someone of your choice to keep it in the family. 
Families have been doing this for years and honestly it can be incredibly stressful for everyone both giver and receiver. So here are five tips to make this process a little bit easier for everyone! 

1) Be Gentle  - if you are a receiver remember that these pieces have a soul. They are apart of that person and their life. So maybe that antique tea pot is just a tea pot with a gigantic crack in it but that crack holds a story. If that tea pot could speak what would it's life look like? I know this sounds silly but it is true. So before you brush it aside and say no be gentle with how you use your words to decline or accept the piece. 

2) Hire someone - if we are dealing with a death and things need to be divided up it may be best to hire someone for help. These people will not choose sides and are a safe neutral person to help decide what stays and what should go. They could also help determine if certain things hold monetary value or not.

3) Focus on the small - try to focus your attention on what is most meaningful and holds the most value to you and your family. So perhaps rather than keeping the dining room set that your parents bought on their first anniversary you keep the mixing bowls that your mom use to bake with as a little girl. 

4) Take your time its draining - these types of things can be exhausting. Especially if you are also grieving yourself. Slow down and take your time these things can wait. Maybe do a corner a day if that is something that could work for you and your family.

5) Take pictures - if you have decided to give away big items perhaps taking photos of those items and keeping them in a photo album for the entire family to go back and revisit. This way you still hold the memories without having them stashed away in your basement or attic. 

There you have it five simple ways to help downsize your home with as little stress as possible. Keep things simple, slow down if you need to and don't beat yourself up for snapping a couple photos and then selling the big items. 

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