Happy Fishing

By: Wanda Westover

Happy Fishing

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Zen & Grey-Bruce Fishing

My wife and I took a walk to the Leith bridge the other night where we chanced upon this lone fisherman casting his line into the sunset waters.  It reminded me, once again, how lucky we are to live in this area.  
Although it's probably been at least 30 years since I last went fishing, I have recently started to appreciate it a little more.  Yes, fish are delicious and healthy.  But that's not what I mean.  Fishing can be a very meditative hobby - a time to sit alone and think.  Or not think.  Both of which are important.
It can also be done in all seasons.  And in all types of weather.
I find it hard to believe, but it often appears like the ice and cold version is more popular in this area.
But then the end of August rolls around and our local Salmon Spectacular Derby sets up its giant tent and all you can see are boats on the bay for miles.
Fishing seems to be a different type of sport for these people.  It's much more social.  People come from all over to enjoy the legendary fish fries.
Then, as quickly as they arrived the boats disappear and the lone fisherman emerges to once again enjoy the peace and quiet of her favourite fishing spot.
If it's your thing - Happy Casting!

John Fearnall
Good Noise

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