Grey Bruce Sings Sweetly

By: Kelly Babcock

Grey Bruce Sings Sweetly

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Have you lived here long?
Or is your plan to come here to live?
If you live here already, congratulations. If you're looking at relocating to our area ... well, congratulations to you too.
Either way, there are things you should know about this area.

There's water

There's water everywhere. It plays a huge role in our lives. We're so rich with it that we bath in lakes full of the stuff. We take it for granted sometimes that fresh water is never very far out of arms reach, and we like it that way.

And trees

Yes, there are trees. Miles of woods and bushes and fence rows and orchards. It's fair to say that, even though we have so much water, sometimes you can't see the water for those trees.
And there's rocks. Rocks and sky and animals and plants and all things natural.
And towns?

Yes, we have towns and small cities and villages and cross road communities that thrive.
And what they thrive on is all the water and trees and animals and such.
And we thrive on all of that too.

And music

Yes. Music thrives on all of that and we thrive on the music. In Grey and Bruce there are musicians and music writers and creators who find their muse in all that water and those trees and the rocks and things.

Some of us write about towns here. And some about country side. Some write about the water and the trees.
Some of us write about the people here and the people here love this place and each other.
It's become apparent ...

I've discovered that you cannot find an evening that doesn't offer you some kind of entertainment of a musical nature. And many afternoons and even the odd morning offer events that feature local musicians and often local music.
Cafés like Owen Sound's The Bleeding Carrot and Frog Ponds often offer afternoon or evening entertainment. Heartwood Hall, also in Owen Sound features both local and imported talents more nights than not.
And ...

And there are open mics and jam sessions all over. Visit the Barn between Meaford and Thornbury on Sunday afternoons, or head back to the Bleeding Carrot on almost every Friday afternoon at 4PM.
And there are house concerts, lots of them, ask around.
Or find some of the local bands like Our Shotgun Wedding or the Shoeshoopers on Facebook and ask them where they're playing next. They'll be happy to tell you, happy to share their music that's inspired by this area with you and your friends.
And if traditional dancing is an attraction for you, find out where the next Fiddlefern event is being held, Scatter the Cats, the Fiddlefern “house band” is always happy to play for anyone and everyone.
Friends in all places

And to see how thriving our music community really is, don't forget to come to Summerfolk to witness the camaraderie that grows and swells and thrives between our local musicians and the out of town talent. That camaraderie makes it one of the premiere folk festivals in the world.
If you've been wondering about the music that's been missing from your life, a good place to start looking is in Grey and Bruce counties. Just listen for the sound of fiddles or guitars, bagpipes or cellos, harps, banjos, flutes, trumpets and more, just set your ear and wait for the strains of lyrics being sung a Capella or with accompaniment, in harmony or solo, and let the music call you home.
We're not shy, but we're usually not too pushy. Just find us and ask us for a song. We'll be happy to play and sing for you.

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