At The Lake

By: Kelly Babcock

At The Lake

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At The Lake

Do you remember? Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid at the lake? Do you remember the lake? Small and quiet or big and open, maybe you could see the other shore, see the cabins that your friends were at, see the cottage where someone special that you only saw in the summer stayed. Or maybe the water was so big that you and your friends from up and down the shore could only see the hazy horizon where the sky and the water lost themselves in each other.

Lakes? We got 'em!

In Grey and Bruce counties we have lots of things to recommend us, but one of the most amazing things we have is lakes. There are little ones that you have to bump over old dirt roads to get to, and medium sized ones where the cottages crowd 'round the water and everyone knows everybody else. And there are big ones where you might easily spend twenty summers and still not get to meet everyone who shares that water with you.

Remember swimming in the cool, dark water on some of the most sweltering days of the summer? Remember the days of adventure that only children who could walk through water and sand and bushes and trails as if they were all one and the same could remember? Those days were treasures, weren't they?

How wide? How deep?

And then there's the big water itself, the warm and welcoming Lake Huron and its deep and pondering sibling, Georgian Bay. Dotted with bays and coves and bites and points and capes, these two expanses of water make up our Northern borders and offer places to hide and meditate on how to make time stand still.

Remember watching the day go down into evening in a distant haze so thick you could see the shape of the massive sun as it eased itself into the calm sweet water? Remember straining your ears to see if you could hear the hiss of it quenching itself after a long, hot and dusty day? Remember lighting the fire at the water's edge, waiting for your friends and their families to come from other cottages along the shore?

We got your lakes here ...

In Grey and Bruce counties there are lakes for every need. Some of them are perfect for boating and water skiing. Others are just asking to be sailed on. And almost every one of them holds secrets about where the big ones are lurking, waiting for you to finally choose the right lure or bait. There are lakes with shallow shores that make you feel safe when the children are swimming, you still watch them, but you get to relax and maybe even enjoy the water almost as much as they do. And lakes that were meant for deep dives from their edges.

Remember the day when you discovered you could swim across the lake, right across, and then back again? Wasn't that an amazing thing? Remember when the hardest thing to decide was whether to fish or swim or sail or paddle?

For example,

There are lakes like Mountain LakeShepherd Lake and Francis Lakethat are meant for fishing, lakes like Bass Lake and McCullough Lakethat are deep and ready for diving and swimming and boating and lakes like Chesley Lake and Miller Lake that have become hosts to amenities such as golf courses and camp grounds and trailer parks.

There are lakes in Grey and Bruce for every conceivable shoreline pastime. Our two counties are wealthy in this respect.There are lakes here and every one of them holds dreams and memories for the people who are lucky enough to live on or near them. And we all live near a lake when we live in Grey Bruce. And those of us who live here, we know this well, and are thankful for it.

Remember going to bed at the cottage or even in a bunky with the window open and the smell of water slipping in through the screen with the gentle sound of the waves lapping at the shore? Remember the light of the moon on the floor by your bed as you slowly let go of the magic of the day gone by and figuratively held your breath while you waited to see what the next day would bring? Of course you do. Maybe it's time to make more of those memories.


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