By: Kelly Babcock


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When I was a child I didn't pay much attention to differences in architecture. I knew that some buildings gave me a sense of peace or happiness, but I always assumed that it was caused by the people who lived in them.
And even though I didn't always know those people, it never occurred to me to doubt that deduction.

"When I was your age ..."

As a child, every year on the third Sunday in July I would make my way with my grandparents, my parents, and my brothers to a park in Owen Sound where we would celebrate my Grandmother's family. It was a picnic, a family reunion of good and wonderful people. I loved attending that reunion, and I still do. 
When I grew to be an adult, I became aware of a need in me to retrace the path my parents and grandparents took to get to that park. It was part of the experience of the reunion, and I still drive those roads today. In fact, I go out of my way to retrace that route through this city, even if it makes me a few minutes late.
When I got older

In my twenties it kept me in touch with my family, in my thirties it reminded me of my grandparents who by this time were gone, and now in my fifties, it reminds me of my parents who are no longer able to attend.
But somewhere around my forties, I started to realize that it was more than just memories of my family, it was the road, the tour, the houses along those streets and how they were kept, how the yards were groomed and the lawns cut.

I started to appreciate ...
The route we took, first chosen by my grandfather, took us through a part of town that was scenic and residential, he drove slowly and the summer weather seemed almost always to be perfect on that day.
And the houses stood out because of the people who lived in them, took care of them, And the people who had built them had a part in making them noticeable and memorable as well.
Home architecture is the result of trying to build a dwelling that will serve the purpose of making people feel at home at the same time as it shelters and protects them.
Architecture speaks ...
And as such, it speaks to the casual passerby, tells them, in an unwritten language, of the comfort and strength the home provides to its occupants.
And that strength and the comfort give strength and confidence to the occupants, and they share that with the world at large through maintenance and grooming of the property.
Listen with your heart

And we all understand that unwritten language when we take the time to drive slowly down a street and listen to what those houses are saying to us.
And on the third Sunday of July, I will have my potluck picnic hamper packed and I will have the windows rolled down and I will be way out of my neighbourhood and you might think that I am driving aimlessly where I have no business to be ...
But you'd be wrong

I have a purpose, and my lazy speed has a point, and while I will be maintaining control of my vehicle, in my heart, my grandfather is the one that is driving.
And he and I and my grandmother and my parents and my brothers all would like to say something to you if you live on one of the streets I'll be driving down.

Thank you

Thank you for letting your homes speak to us all these years.


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